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Your transformation summons – Will you answer the call to radical change?

The book is about a journey of transformation; stepping out of the old and into the new. It is written with the intention of helping the reader to do a thorough introspection in order to identify and to let go of things that hinder him or her from stepping into their greatness and living the fullness of their God-given purpose. The book tackles the topics of unforgiveness, life-altering moments and developing the appetite for greatness. It also gives readers practical tools on how to be intentional about the journey of transformation through taking care of oneself holistically. This involves spiritual growth, exercising leading a healthy lifestyle, striving for wisdom amongst others. The ultimate purpose of the book is to help the reader to go beyond just answering “yes” to the question “will you answer the call to radical change” and be challenged to put in the work, intentionally, consistently, and hand-in-hand with God in order to achieve the transformation that they desire.
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