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NLT The Spiritual Growth Bible Thumb Indexed Dark Brown (Imitation Leather)

The moment things stop growing, they start dying. Not only is that true of every living thing, it is also true of the Christian life. So whether we have been a Christian for a short time or for many years, we need to keep growing; and if we don’t, we have already started dying. It is to help with this essential need for ongoing growth that The Spiritual Growth Bible™ has been created. The informative articles, book introductions, character profiles, topical ties and cross-references will guide believers in this process of spiritual growth through increasing their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Based on the New Living Translation text, respected for its clarity and faithful rendering of the message of the original texts of Scripture in contemporary language, this Study Bible will be a practical and invaluable resource for both new and seasoned believers, Bible students, church leaders, pastors, personal or group Bible study and family devotional times. Features: • The complete text of the New Living Translation (NLT). • Introductions to each book of the Bible, which provide a bird’s-eye view of each book’s content and key themes. • 800+ sidebar articles will make the message of Scripture passages more understandable and highlight the lessons for spiritual growth. • 80+ full-page articles focus on key aspects of spiritual growth and fundamental theological truths to help readers grow in their faith. Topics include God’s covenant with his people, the importance of worship, spiritual vitality, dealing with temptation, overcoming doubt, using money wisely, the parables of Jesus and prophecies that were fulfilled. • 40+ character profiles of men and women in the Bible, such as Adam and Eve, Solomon, John the Baptist, Judas and Paul, explain what can be learned from their strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures. • 2300+ topical ties connect articles and Scripture passages that share a theme or spiritual growth topic. • 1700+ cross-references indicate themes relating to spiritual growth. • Topical index at the back of the Bible. • Index of articles and authors acknowledge the Bible’s many authoritative contributors. • 9-point font size. • Presentation page. • Two ribbon markers • Thumb index
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