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Bible Questions And Answers For Kids (Paperback)

Children can sometimes ask challenging questions like Who created God? Where is heaven? Why does God let viruses take over? Can God do anything? Can He bring dinosaurs back to life? If God knows what I need, why should I pray? It can be difficult to know exactly what to say to the thoughtful and sincere questions that children have. Bible Questions and Answers for Kids is a handy help for those times when it is difficult to know how to answer. Experienced children’s ministry teacher Dave Strehler provides age-appropriate and Bible-based answers to more than 80 questions children ask about God, faith and the Bible. As children explore the answers to their most puzzling questions, they can answer the quiz questions throughout the book and find the answer to a mystery message. Get them interested in reading the Bible with short summaries on each of the 66 books. Each is accompanied by a key verse that is easy to memorize. At the back of the book, two fun Word Search activities challenge kids to find all 66 book names.
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