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Jewish Study Bible – The Complete Jewish Study Bible (Hardcover)

Easily get a handle on the Jewish roots of Christianity with over 145 topical articles, color-coded overviews, maps, charts and more with The Complete Jewish Study Bible! This is more than a keyword study Bible. It pairs the newly updated text of the best-selling Complete Jewish Bible with detailed overviews that cover ALL the key Jewish customs, including feasts of the Bible, Tabernacle, Names of God, Torah, Sabbath, and more! Enjoy Having Over 145 Overviews on Jewish Customs and Culture at Your Fingertips! It's the only English version of the Bible that is fully Jewish in style and presentation that includes both the Old and New Testament. Plus, it's packed with features you can't find in other study Bibles: Whether you use this as your main Bible or alongside other translations, it will truly deepen your understanding of God's Word and enrich your Bible study with these key features: • Over 145 Overviews and Articles covering everything from Names of God, Tabernacle, Feasts of the Bible, Jewish covenants, and more! • Hebrew Keywords: Discover the original Hebrew names for key people, places, and concepts, along with a pronunciation guide. (Covers Names of God, too!) • Features 8 full-color maps, Hebrew glossaries, charts, and more! • New introductions and outlines for each book of the Bible from a Jewish perspective. It also includes bottom-of-the page footnotes packed with fascinating facts. • Easy-to-read font, durable sewn binding, and ribbon markers. Follows the Jewish order of the Tanakh's books, Old Testament, the order with which Jesus was familiar. Features More Than 145 Overviews and Articles on Key Themes Throughout the Bible From Jewish customs to messianic prophecy, easily follow 12 major themes throughout the Bible with its easy-to-understand overviews and articles. These articles are not located in the back. They are integrated throughout your Bible as the theme occurs, making it easy for you to see Old and New Testament connections without having to flip back and forth! Each theme is color-coded making it easy for you track this theme throughout the Bible. Find Out Fascinating Facts That Will Enrich Your Study From the footnotes and articles to the introductions, this Bible is packed with fascinating facts and insights that will refresh, deepen, and enrich you understanding of Scripture. • YHVH is often spoken of as equivalent to the divine presence or power or glory. YHVH is the most used name of God in the Old Testament (6,823 times). • "Being called 'Rabbi.' " Rabbi means (literally) "my great one" and (less literally) "my master" or "my teacher." It became a title of respect used for Torah scholars by everyone, even those of the same or higher rank. • The Hebrew word for "work," avodah, is the same for "manual labor"
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