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Friends Are The Flowers Glass Plaque

The Friends are the Flowers Glass Plaque pays tribute to the roll that good friends play in our lives. Friends are the ones who bring color and life to our lives when the weeds of this world encroach on our joy. The glass plaque features stunning floral artwork in a gleaming glass square that can be displayed in a windowsill or on a table, desktop, or shelf. The plaque features the sentiment
Friends are the flowers in the garden of life
in gold foiled lettering surrounded by a circle of charming flowers. The design perfectly complements the sentiment as one can practically envision their own beautiful and supportive friends, represented by the flowers, encircling them in love. The Friends are the Flowers Glass Plaque makes an ideal gift for a friend as a gift of encouragement, a birthday present, or a thank-you gift. She can display it in any space where she wants to be reminded of the happiness good friends can bring. Gardeners will want to display it in their sunroom, kitchen, or living room as a reminder that friends are like the plants they grow, requiring care but delivering a bountiful harvest of goodness. This plaque also includes a coordinating decorative gift box. The Friends are the Flowers Glass Plaque is a gift that will be cherished by your friend for many years to come.
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