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Always Stay Humble & Kind (Faux Leather Journal)

Spark new joy in your life today with the Always Stay Humble & Kind Faux Leather Journal. Take a moment to write down what brings you joy today, whether big or small. As days, weeks, and months go by, you’ll see how all those little moments add up in life. This Classic Faux Leather Journal is great for a gratitude or prayer journal, a daily to-do list, drawing pad or for writing about all the dreams you have in life. This cheerful and welcoming journal has a pastel Teal background with lovely message outlined in gold and debossed flower design dipped in gold: Always Stay Humble & Kind. Encouraging Scripture verses are printed throughout all 336 lined interior pages with gilt -edging, and the journal includes a presentation page to remember a special occasion or date . This beautiful journal makes a great gift as you celebrate a birthday with a friend. The cheerful teal and gold design will surely bring a smile to the face of your Friend this Joyful day. Honor a special day in your life or start a new year inspired by God’s desire for you to practice joy while using the Always Stay Humble & Kind Faux Leather Journal. •Heat debossed •Ribbon marker •Gilt-edged pages •Softcover •Faux Leather •336 Lined Interior Pages with Scripture •Presentation Page for Gift-giving •Size: 218 x 155 x 23mm
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Amazing Grace Blue Faux Leather Classic Journal

Let the Amazing Grace Blue Faux Leather Classic Journal be the place to make memories! Write about your dreams, plans, and thoughts. After some time goes by, you can look back to remind yourself of life's incredible moments and find yourself among all those pages! Be inspired by the beloved hymn, and make a note of all the ways you experience grace in your life—don't take the chance that you'll forget them as life gets busy. A brilliant blue faux leather cover radiates a cheerful attitude. It creates a beautiful backdrop for the gold foiled title that is placed in the middle of a gold foiled medallion surrounded by gold foiled filigree ornamentation.
Amazing Grace
Inside, you'll find 336 lined pages with plenty of room to write or doodle. Gilt-edged pages and a ribbon marker increase the elegance of this journal, making it perfect as a keepsake. As it is just the right size to drop in a backpack, purse, or carry-on, the blue faux leather journal makes an excellent gift for that new college student to document their first year of college. Or, give a thoughtful gift for a friend's birthday, especially if paired with the Amazing Grace Compact Mirror or The Amazing Grace Glass Water Bottle. Whether you give it as a gift or keep one for yourself, the Amazing Grace Blue Faux Leather Classic Journal will keep your mind focus on the blessings if life.
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Be Still & Know Slimline Faux Leather Journal in Pink – Psalm 46:10

The Be Still & Know Slimline Faux Leather Journal with its blush-pink color, delicate heat-debossed flowers, and comforting Biblical message, serves as a helpful and lovely tool for any woman of faith who enjoys jotting her ideas and prayers on paper. The flexible pink faux leather cover of the journal is adorned with gold foiled cursive, that boldly states powerful words of truth from Psalm 46:10: “Be Still & Know that I am God.”Debossed peonies, leaves, and springtime flower buds bloom in the top left corner of the journal’s cover and wrap ornately along the book’s spine. The Scripture at the center artfully depicts the wise words of advice and peace from the timeless book of Psalms. This thin journal is the perfect size to carry in a purse or book bag—to church and to your weekly Bible study! This journal of smooth faux leather contains 240 lined pages waiting to be filled with your words, and each page is gilt-edged to match the golden font on the cover. A silk ribbon is attached to the notebook’s spine to mark pages. The pink journal pairs wonderfully with our vast selection of magnetic and leather page markers. Thoughts, notes, and prayers are meant to be remembered and pondered, and the soft, feminine design of a gilt-edged faux leather journal will hold your—or a loved one’s—ideas in style. This ladylike journal makes a beautiful gift for a beloved friend or family member on a birthday or Christmas.
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Be Still and Know Neutral Florals Faux Leather Classic Journal – Psalm 46:10

The gentle design of the Be Still and Know Neutral Florals Faux Leather Classic Journal will inspire you to rest in the presence of the LORD when you record your prayer requests, meditations, or thoughts on its pages. The classic journal has an attractive two-tone and two-medium design. A smooth burgundy cover wraps around the back and over the spine, where it meets the screen-printed front cover of the journal with a double row of topstitching. The front panel is screen printed with neutral-toned flowers in cream, tan, and gray set against a sand-colored background. The sentiment is presented in strong gray lettering.
 Be still & know
 Psalm 46:10 
Cream-colored topstitching runs along the edges of the journal to add strength. Its 366 lined pages are ideal for journaling and minimize the potential for bleed through from writing instruments. A Bible verse is printed at the bottom of each page to inspire your thoughts and devotion. You can personalize this journal by completing the presentation page included in the front. A satin ribbon marker is included to locate the last entry quickly, and gilt-edging along the page edges add a shimmer to the design. The Be Still and Know Neutral Florals Faux Leather Classic Journal is part of the Be Still and Know Neutral Florals Collection that also includes a reusable cloth face mask, checkbook cover, and Bible case. The Be Still and Know Neutral Florals Faux Leather Classic Journal is an excellent gift for youthful women with a feminine sense of style. It fits easily in a backpack —ready for impromptu journaling, note-taking, and list-making. Any occasion would be ideal for giving Be Still and Know Neutral Florals Faux Leather Classic Journal—birthdays, Christmas, and just because.
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Be Still And Know That I Am God (Faux Leather Journal)

This black Faux Leather journal features Be Still and Know that I am God in gold foil. There is an attached ribbon page marker. The hardcover journal cover is constructed of Faux Leather, with the look and feel of real leather. Each page carries an inspirational passage.
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Be Still Flexcover Journal – Psalm 46:10

Take a moment every day to feel at peace with the Be Still Flexcover Journal! Grab a cup of coffee and journal about dreams, plans, or what you’ve read in your Bible today. With its convenient size, this versatile journal is also great for grocery lists, to-do items, or even as a food journal that is easy to carry with you. Let the sentiment from Psalm 46 encourage you to find rest in God’s care daily. The stunning cover design has a dark background with dramatic flowers in shades of pale and dark pink. A burgundy adds even more drama to the design. The sentiment is printed in beautiful script lettering foiled in with copper.
be still
The heavy card stock cover has a high gloss. The journal holds a front presentation page to document a favorite occasion. The interior pages are all lined and have Scripture verses included for encouragement. Whether you will use this flexcover journal as a traditional journal or as a way to keep track of your to-do list, you’ll find excellent quality as well as dramatic beauty. Keep a few copies of the Be Still Flexcover Journal on hand to give as small gifts to friends or neighbors to let them know you’re thinking of them.
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Best Dad Joshua 1:9 Grey (Handy-Sized Faux Leather Journal)

Show him how much you appreciate him by giving him the Best Dad Handy-Sized Gray Faux Leather Journal because he truly is the BEST Dad, perfectly suited for your family! Whether for his birthday, Father's Day, or any occasion on which you wish to honor him, your dad will appreciate how highly you think of him and be encouraged to take time out of his busy days to pause, reflect, and journal his gratitude, thoughts, and even the challenges that come his way. The gray faux leather flexcover is lightly texturized and heat debossed with a subtle banner design. The message is supported by a command from Joshua 1:9 and is foiled in bold silver letters that remind of a vintage team emblem logo. The World's Best Dad Joshua 1:9 Strength and Courage The spine continues the silver foil accents and presents four decorative faux spine ribs that sandwich the spine title. A gray satin ribbon marker is included to mark your page, and the thick pages are gilt-edged in silver. Each page is lined and features a Scripture verse printed at the bottom that can be used as a journal prompt or prayer prompt. A presentation page is included in the journal's front to write a sweet message to your dad when you give it as a gift. This journal is ideal for taking on the go and will not take up too much space in his backpack or briefcase. Pair this journal with one of the other items from The World's Best Dad Collection like the coffee mug, keyring, or wallet, for a themed gift that will impress and encourage him. The Best Dad Handy-Sized Black Gray Leather Journal is an excellent gift for your dad or husband for any occasion such as his birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas. It would also make a sweet gift for your husband to announce your pregnancy! There is even a matching gift bag to wrap it in!
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Brown Slimline Faux Leather Journal with Cross

The Brown Slimline Faux Leather Journal with Cross draws attention to the cross that has been at the center of Christian iconography for centuries. The rich brown slimline journal is heat-debossed with a timeless Celtic cross, filled with intricate weaving patterns. This pattern —known as the “everlasting knot”— captures a classic and antique Celtic aesthetic. The front cover of the journal displays, along with the cross, a border design with additional weave-patterned flourishes at the corners. The flexible and soft faux leather journal is coloured a deep, ruddy umber to complete the ancient Celtic style of the journal. The pages are gilt-edged in gold. Jesus directs every disciple to “take up his cross and follow me” in Matthew 16:24, and the decorative cross on the cover of this journal is a reminder of that responsibility. This slimline Celtic-themed faux leather journal contains 240 lined and gilt-edged pages for jotting down notes, thoughts, and prayers. A ribbon is attached at the spine to serve as a page marker. The time-honoured design makes this journal fitting for any Bible study or church service, and the slim size of the notebook is convenient for shelves and book bags. This journal will be a thoughtful gift for a father, uncle, cousin, or friend on Father’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday.
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Courage Slimline LuxLeather Journal – Joshua 1:9

When you give the Courage Slimline LuxLeather Journal as a gift, you’ll remind the recipient that the Lord wants His children to be courageous, and inspire them to journal their thoughts, prayers, and more. Great for quiet time, jotting down sermon notes in church, or small group study. The Slimline journal has a flexible cover that folds open flat. The word COURAGE is debossed and outlined in gold on the front cover while the verse from Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go," is debossed on the back cover. The distressed charcoal spine wraps over to form the back cover. The gray Slimline Christian journal comes with a foiled LuxLeather cover and holds 240 lined pages and an attached ribbon marker for bookmarking. Gilt-edged pages add an elegant feel to the Slimline journal. A presentation page is included for gift-giving. This journal makes a thoughtful gift for those who are facing struggles and need to stay the course. Pair it with the coordinating travel mug for a generous gift.
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Cross John 3:16 Black (Faux Leather Journal)

Cross John 3:16 Black LuxLeather Journal
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Desire Of Your Heart Pink (Faux Leather Journal)

Desire Of Your Heart Pink LuxLeather Journal
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Dream Without Fear Live Without Limits (Flexcover Journal)

This red and white flexcover journal features a lovely design on the cover making love the theme of the journal. It is made up lined pages.
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