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Love in Love in My Heart Pink Faux Leather Bookmark My Heart Faux Leather Bookmark in Pink

The Love in My Heart Pink Faux Leather Bookmark will prompt anyone to throw away that old envelope they have been using for a bookmark. Get rid of the old notes & paper that have been marking your spot in your Bible or your favorite book and replace it with the Love in My Heart Bookmark. The pink faux leather bookmark has been created for daily use and features a stunning gold foiled design. Confidently close your book, knowing you can jump right back to the exact spot where you left off when this beauty saves your place. The soft, smooth faux leather is stitched around the edges. This feature means this a bookmark intended for daily use and makes it sturdy enough for use by even the most avid reader! The tastefully muted pink background, dark blue satin ribbon, heat debossed lettering, and cheerful gold foiled flowers all combine to make a fine gift for any readers or writers in your life. The heat debossed title reads,
Love in my heart, 
Book in my hand.
This warm and inspirational bookmark is perfect for daily use in books, journals, notebooks, or cookbooks but also makes a lovely gift when paired with a Love in My Heart Coffee Mug or journal from the Love in My Heart Collection. Give this faux leather bookmark as a gift or stocking stuffer for mom, book-club-friends, teachers, or even the school librarian, because the Love in My Heart Faux Leather Bookmark is sure to bring a smile to their day!
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Love in My Heart Ceramic Coffee Mug

What do you love? Is it reading, or writing, or baking, or is it coffee? Well if coffee is the answer, keep the love in your heart and the coffee in your cup with the Love in My Heart Ceramic Coffee Mug. The gorgeous design of the Love in My Heart Ceramic Coffee Mug features an elaborate gold foil floral pattern that reaches all the way around the mug. Due to the exquisite gold foil design, handwashing is recommended. Happy watercolor-style flowers are painted on a white background. The sentiment
Love in my heart; 
Coffee in my hand
is printed in a feminine blue script as the focal point, while a soft floral pattern in shades of blue, pink, green, and orange adorns the entire base of the mug. The interior surface is a coordinating light shade of pastel pink, and the handle is gracefully curved. The Love in My Heart Ceramic Coffee Mug comes packaged in a gift box and is part of the Love in My Heart Collection. This fun collection of themed gifts is a great gift idea for women with a variety of interests and who loves life. For example, the Love in my Heart Ceramic Coffee Mug pairs well with the matching wirebound journal for the woman who enjoys journaling while sipping a warm beverage. For the talented chef, pair the Love in My Heart Ceramic Coffee Mug with the matching apron and tea towel for a well put-together look.  You will love the items in this collection and so will your loved ones.
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Love in My Heart Cotton Apron

The Love in My Heart Cotton Apron is a beautiful example of how people have different ways of showing love to family and friends. Whether written words in a card or book, having coffee with a friend or cooking family favorites, we can find many ways to show our people we love them. Now it’s possible to express the thought while you cook! With its beautifully embroidered lettering and muted blue, green, and yellow floral pattern, the sentiment on the Love in My Heart Apron is sure to make you smile while you plan, measure, stir and bake love right into the meals you prepare for your family and friends.
Love in my heart.
A spoon in my hand.
The durable 100% cotton, fully adjustable straps for comfort, and a handy center pocket to store small utensils, recipe cards, or even your phone will make the Love in My Heart Apron a helpful ingredient to have in the kitchen.  The subtle pink border and straps gives this apron a decidedly feminine touch. The cotton apron is part of the Love in My Heart Collection, designed to welcome friends and family into your home and includes a tea towel, coffee mug, journal, or bookmark. While an excellent addition to your own kitchen, this cute apron is also a fantastic gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, housewarming, or even as a hostess gift for a friend. The Love in My Heart Apron will be used for years to come as you celebrate your loved ones with home-cooked meals.
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Love in my Heart Large Wirebound Journal

The Love in My Heart Large Wirebound Journal is perfect for helping remember the important moments that happen in life. With a touch of charm and whimsy, encourage the writer in you to take a moment to note ideas, dreams, or feelings that happen throughout the day. Or, given how fast children grow up, use this journal to make a memory of something sweet or funny your children or grandchildren say. A beautiful watercolor floral design in muted shades of green, pink, orange, yellow, and blue set against a light background surrounds the pretty scripted dark blue lettering of the title.
Love in my heart 
a pen in my hand
Embossing and foil accents highlight the cheerful appeal of this journal. The wire binding and light pink interior end pages are a perfect complement to the cover. The journal holds 192 lined pages. The Love in my Heart Large Wirebound Journal is part of the Love in my Heart Collection that has beautiful items for all the women in your life! Pair the journal with the ceramic coffee mug for your mom, who likes to write in the morning while having her coffee. Change that to the travel mug for your friend that loves to be outside in her garden. Arrange a Mother's Day basket for Mom or Grandma that holds the Love in My Heart Apron, tea towel, mug, and bookmark. Given as one part of a gift or simply on its own, the Love in My Heart Large Wirebound Journal delivers joy and a smile every day!
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Love in my Heart Soft Pink Handy-size Faux Leather Journal

Have fun keeping track of what matters in life using the Love in My Heart Handy-sized Faux Leather Journal. Whether writing of dreams for the future, favorite memories of the past, or about how fast the kids seem to be growing, this journal is a soft pink spot of encouragement. It's the perfect size to carry in your purse or backpack while also charmingly elegant enough to be a great gift! Soft pink faux leather is beautifully highlighted with gold foiled flowers and a heat debossed title.
Love in my heart
a pen in my hand
With 240 lined pages, there is space for lots of memories, and a soft ribbon marker keeps your page when you have to take a break. The pages have beautiful gilt edging, and a presentation page is included for gift-giving on special occasions. This Handy-sized Journal is part of the Love in My Heart Collection. It is a beautiful journal to give to your mom or grandmother for Mother's Day. Add the Love in My Heart Ceramic Coffee Cup or Love in My Heart Travel Mug to the journal so your sister can have her coffee while she journals! With so many options in the collection, such as the Love in My Heart Apron, the tea towel, mug, or bookmark, you will easily find the right combination for yourself or someone you love. Let the Love in My Heart Soft Pink Faux Leather Handy-sized Journal inspire you to write today
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