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Be Still & Know Psalm 46:10 (Stainless Steel Mug)

The Be Still & Know Stainless Steel Mug features the powerful Psalm 46:10, which states, “Be still and know.” The verse is a perfect reminder to stop and be still. The calming deep blue undertones enhance the floral design that frames the verse, making it stand out. This mug makes the perfect gift for her, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just because, this stainless steel mug is durable and functional, as well as eye-catching and thoughtful. Enjoy hot or cold beverages in this double-walled mug that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
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Be Still & Know Stainless Steel Mug – Psalm 46:10

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 The Be Still & Know Stainless Steel Mug features the powerful Psalm 46:10, which states, “Be still and know.” The verse is a perfect reminder to stop and be still. The calming deep blue undertones enhance the floral design that frames the verse, making it stand out. The mug has a matte finish, which gives it a unique look and feel. This mug makes the perfect gift for her, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because, this 20-fluid ounce stainless steel mug is durable and functional, as well as eye-catching and thoughtful. Enjoy hot or cold beverages in this double-walled mug that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
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Be Strong Ephesians 6:10 Black (Stainless Steel Camp Style Mug)

The powerful message and robust design of the Be Strong Camp Style Stainless Steel Mug make it the right gift mug for that special guy in your life—be it husband, boyfriend, grandfather, or brother. Keep their coffee warm and spirit strong when you pour their morning cup of coffee in the Be Strong iCamp Style Stainless Steel Mug. The camp style mug features a simple and elegant design. The matte black powder-coated exterior is laser engraved with the framed sentiment. Be strong in the LORD and in his mighty power. Ephesians 6:10 This stainless steel mug is double-wall insulated to maintain your drink's temperature, either hot or cold, for up to 24 hours. The powder-coated exterior offers a non-slip grip, and a band of exposed stainless steel at both the top and bottom of the mug frames the design beautifully. The D-shaped handle is powder-coated in the same matte black finish as the body and comfortably fits three fingers. A snugly fitting transparent lid with a retractable sip-hole closure keeps beverages from leaking, splashing, or spilling. The 325ml it holds will quench your thirst without being too much. As with all stainless steel mugs, hand washing is encouraged. Start your day with the full armor of God and a cup of good coffee when you pour coffee or tea in the Be Strong Camp Style Stainless Steel Mug. Encourage a friend who is struggling in their faith when you give the Be Strong Camp Style Stainless Steel Mug as a gift of encouragement. Or, surprise a grandfather or father with a top-quality mug decorated with a powerful message when you give them the Be Strong in the LORD Stainless Steel Mug for Father's Day or a special milestone birthday.
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Best Dad Ever Keyring in Tin

Show Dad love by giving him the Keyring In Tin: Best Dad Ever for his birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or for another special milestone in his life. Dad will smile whenever he grabs his keys and notices the Best Dad Ever Keyring with its reminder of how much his family loves him, along with the 1 Timothy 6:11 verse reference that calls him to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness as he leads his loved ones in the ways of Christ. Inspire Dad to keep growing his faith and leaning on the Lord with this Christian keyring. The 1 Timothy 6:11 Keyring is a laser engraved metal keyring that displays the “Best Dad Ever” sentiment on the front of the black keyring and the Scripture reference, “1 Timothy Six Eleven” on the back of the metal keyring. This Christian gift is elegantly packaged in a durable matte tin with an embossed design on its lid.
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Best Dad Gift Set (Mug / Keyring Boxed Set)

Celebrate the best dad in the world with the Best Dad Ceramic Mug and Keyring Gift Set for Men. Your dad will proudly carry his keyring, and he will love to display his mug. The Best Dad Ceramic Mug and Keyring Gift Set for Men is packaged in a reusable gift box. This gift set consists of two items: a ceramic coffee mug and a metal keyring. The sentiment on both items is based on the LORD's commandment to Joshua. The world's best dad Strength & Courage Joshua 1:9 The World's Best Dad Ceramic Coffee Mug sports a white glazed interior contrasted with a black exterior that is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The sentiment is printed in clearly visible white lettering. The ceramic mug holds 14 fluid ounces of any beverage–hot or cold. The coordinating The World's Best Dad Metal Keyring is packaged in a gift tin and shaped to frame the sentiment. The brass metal keyring with its brushed finish is filled with black epoxy. It bears the same logo as the ceramic mug, and the Scripture verse from Joshua 1:9 is stamped on the back. The Best Dad Ceramic Mug and Keyring Gift Set for Men is the perfect way to celebrate your dad this Father's Day. • 2 Piece Gift Set • Includes Ceramic Mug and Metal Keyring in Tin • Best Dad Collection • Black and White Design • Packaged in a Coordinating Reusable Gift Box • Gift Box Dimensions: 155 x 145 x 105mm) • Set includes: 414ml The World's Best Dad Ceramic Mug The World's Best Dad Metal Keyring in Gift Tin
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Best Dad Joshua 1:9 (Ceramic Mug)

It takes a lot to raise a family, so let your father know he's got what it takes with the Best Dad Ceramic Mug. Courage, strength, compassion, love, tenderness, and faith are key attributes for dads, and this mug's design, based on Joshua 1:9, highlights two of the top ones. The exterior of this sturdy ceramic cup is a solid black contrasted with a crisp white interior. White lettering in a collegiate style design spells out the sentiment. The World's Best Dad Strength & Courage Joshua 1:9 The mug itself is as strong as a father's love with a wide mouth and easily graspable handle, and at a generous 414 ml capacity, it can quench any man's thirst. The mug even comes complete with a classy box for easy gift giving. The Best Dad Ceramic Mug is part of the World's Best Dad Collection designed to celebrate the fathers in your life. This collection includes a keyring in a gift tin, a 2-piece gift set with a mug and keyring, a genuine leather wallet, a gift bag, a faux leather journal, and a stainless steel water bottle. Consider adding the Best Dad Ceramic Mug i to a gift basket for new parents or as part of a parents' blessing gift at a baby baptism or dedication. This mug is not only an excellent gift for new dads but is also ideal for seasoned fathers. Pair the Best Dad Ceramic Mug with the genuine leather wallet from the World's Best Dad Collection for a Father's Day gift your dad will treasure for years to come.
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Best Dad Joshua 1:9 (Genuine Leather Wallet)

Honor the best dad in the world with the Best Dad Black Genuine Leather Wallet. Dads are the solid bedrock of the family, and presenting your dad with this wallet on Father's Day will let him know just how much you appreciate him. The chick black genuine leather wallet is heat debossed with a special message based on Joshua 1:9. The world's best dad Strength & Courage The back panel features the heat debossed Scripture reference in a unique design. Joshua 1:9 The text is accented with heat debossed lines and geometrical designs and the edges are topstitched in black to ensure strength and durability. The interior is made of matching genuine topstitched leather. There are 2 multi-purpose slots, a 2-section billfold, 3 credit card slots, and an ID window inside. The Best Dad Black Genuine Leather Wallet is part of the Best Dad Collection. This collection includes a keyring in a gift tin, a ceramic coffee mug, a 2-piece gift set containing a keyring and mug, a faux leather journal, a stainless steel water bottle, and a matching gift bag to hold your special gift. The leather of the World's Best Dad Black Genuine Leather Wallet will develop its own endearing patina over time, but you can easily restore it to look like new. Please take a look at our leather care guide to find out how. While this wallet would be an ideal gift for any father or grandfather on Father's Day, no occasion is necessary to present a loved dad with such a thoughtful and high-quality item. Show your dad some appreciation and love with the Best Dad Black Genuine Leather Wallet!
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Best Dad Joshua 1:9 (Stainless Steel Water Bottle)

The Best Dad Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a thoughtful and practical gift for your dad. This stainless steel water bottle celebrates the godly man your father is by awarding him The World's Best Dad title—all in a practical water bottle that will hold enough liquid to satisfy a man's thirst. The stainless steel water bottle has a classy design, along with high-quality construction. The bottle's exterior is powder-coated in a handsome matte black finish that showcases the laser engraved sentiment in bold fonts adorned with banners and lines. The World's Best Dad Joshua 1:9 Strength & Courage This water bottle is made to last, with a stainless steel body and a matching stainless steel and plastic twist-on cap that includes a rubber wristlet for easy transport. The double-walled stainless steel interior is vacuum-insulated to maintain hot or cold temperatures for up to 24 hours. At 946 ml, this water bottle holds half the recommended daily water intake. As with all stainless steel water bottles, hand washing is recommended to keep them in pristine condition. This bottle is a great gift for Father's Day and can be gifted independently or paired with any other matching items in The Best Dad Collection to put together a thoughtful and sweet gift for a loved and valued father. Other items include a keyring, ceramic mug, 2-piece gift set, genuine leather wallet, faux leather journal, and gift bag. Give the Best Dad Stainless Steel Water Bottle to a father or grandfather who is filled with God's strength and courage this Father's day! Or, surprise your dad with a special gift on your wedding day to thank him for everything he has done for you.
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Best Dad Joshua 1:9 Grey (Handy-Sized Faux Leather Journal)

Show him how much you appreciate him by giving him the Best Dad Handy-Sized Gray Faux Leather Journal because he truly is the BEST Dad, perfectly suited for your family! Whether for his birthday, Father's Day, or any occasion on which you wish to honor him, your dad will appreciate how highly you think of him and be encouraged to take time out of his busy days to pause, reflect, and journal his gratitude, thoughts, and even the challenges that come his way. The gray faux leather flexcover is lightly texturized and heat debossed with a subtle banner design. The message is supported by a command from Joshua 1:9 and is foiled in bold silver letters that remind of a vintage team emblem logo. The World's Best Dad Joshua 1:9 Strength and Courage The spine continues the silver foil accents and presents four decorative faux spine ribs that sandwich the spine title. A gray satin ribbon marker is included to mark your page, and the thick pages are gilt-edged in silver. Each page is lined and features a Scripture verse printed at the bottom that can be used as a journal prompt or prayer prompt. A presentation page is included in the journal's front to write a sweet message to your dad when you give it as a gift. This journal is ideal for taking on the go and will not take up too much space in his backpack or briefcase. Pair this journal with one of the other items from The World's Best Dad Collection like the coffee mug, keyring, or wallet, for a themed gift that will impress and encourage him. The Best Dad Handy-Sized Black Gray Leather Journal is an excellent gift for your dad or husband for any occasion such as his birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas. It would also make a sweet gift for your husband to announce your pregnancy! There is even a matching gift bag to wrap it in!
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Crazy Faith: It’s Only Crazy Until It Happens (Paperback)

Based on the viral sermon series, Crazy Faith is an invitation to stop watching the life of faith from the sidelines. All too often we think that the great days of God’s power and wonder are behind us. Sure, there are some stories of God’s people doing mighty things, but those were in the ancient world, right?
But think about Abraham, Moses, Esther, David, and Mary. They didn’t know they were living in “Bible times.” They were just living in “times.” Times like you’re living in today.Somewhere along the way, they had the faith to live their lives out on the limb, to do something that seemed impossible, to trust God with something that was by all rational accounts unlikely to happen, something we might call crazy. This type of faith is for today, and God is looking for people with big faith to do big things. Instead of living with baby faith, lazy faith, or hazy faith, it’s time to step into a life of crazy faith! It’s time to step out of excuses and fear and into the big, bold future that God has for you.
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Do Everything In Love Ceramic Mug in White

Relish your cup of morning joe served in the Do Everything in Love Ceramic Mug and remind yourself and those around you to help a neighbour, treat the family with kindness, go the extra mile for a co-worker, or aid a stranger in need. Put simply–to love one another in everything that you do. Pink flowers and greenery soften the classic design of the word LOVE on the face of this generously sized white mug with a coordinating pink interior. The beautifully shaped cup is made of glazed ceramic that provides insulation to a hot beverage.  This generously sized 384 ml mug boasts a large rounded handle for an easy and sturdy grip. The gently curved body and rim give the mug a stylish flair. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, it is great for use at home or office and makes an excellent gift for mom, wife, sister or friend. Pair with other items from the Do Everything in Love Collection like the lined canvas tote for a gift they’ll surely use. Or choose the Do Everything in Love Gift Set that combines this delightful cup with a coordinating spiral-bound journal presented in a lovely printed decorative gift box.
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His Grace Is Sufficient 2 Corinthians 12:9 (Stainless Steel Mug With Straw)

The His Grace Stainless Steel Travel Mug is a reminder that God’s grace is the best gift we can ever receive. The joyful design on this stainless steel travel mug will lift your spirit, and the comforting message will calm your soul. The His Grace Stainless Steel Travel Mug is decorated with a spirited teal background embellished with detailed drawings of magenta and orange peonies, along with dainty stems and leaves. The sentiment is an adaptation of 2 Corinthians 12:9 and is laser engraved in an elegant cursive script. His grace is sufficient for me. This high-quality travel mug features double-walled insulated stainless steel to enjoy hot and cold beverages without external heat or condensation. The mug has no handle so you can wrap your hand around it without obstruction. The retractable sip hole cover on the clear plastic lid allows you to choose between sipping from the included reusable metal straw or straight through the lid without any spilling or leakage. A silicone gasket seals the straw opening and stops any leak. The fancy stainless steel mug holds a generous 532 ml of your favorite beverage. The mug contains no plastic - just stainless steel that heats up fast. maintains its temperature for a long time and resists mold and bacterial growth. This gorgeous mug is part of the His Grace Collection that includes a wirebound journal, gift bag, ID card holder, stainless steel water bottle, 2-piece gift set that consists of a stainless steel travel mug and a wirebound journal. The heartening message on the His Grace Stainless Steel Travel Mug would be much appreciated by any woman on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or for no reason other than your love and affection! This item could also be paired with the other matching items in the His Grace Collection and can be gifted as a set. Share spiritual encouragement and a travel mug when you give the lovely His Grace Stainless Steel Travel Mug!
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