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Nothing Will Be Impossible For You (Faux Leather Pagemarker)

Use the Nothing Will Be Impossible For You Faux Leather Pagemarker in your favorite devotional book as a reminder of the infinite possibilities we have when we act according to the will of God. Vibrant, pink-toned flower illustrations set against a light blue background adorn the top and bottom of this bookmark. The brightly shining sentiment is displayed in a gold foil script in the middle of the design. Nothing will be impossible for you Matthew 17:20 The floral illustrations on the front continue onto the back of the faux leather bookmark to create a symphony of flowers. A pink satin ribbon attached at the top left corner of the bookmark will easily guide you to your page. Light blue topstitching is featured around the bookmark edges and adds sturdiness to a solid design, so you won't need to fear it wearing out quickly. Give the Nothing Will Be Impossible For You Faux Leather Pagemarker to a book lover friend along with your favorite novel to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, the holidays, or an anniversary. The inspiring Nothing Will Be Impossible For You Faux Leather Pagemarker will strengthen and encourage their faith. • Light blue background with pink floral design • Faux leather bookmark • Gold foil lettering • Attached pink satin ribbon • Topstitching along edges • Smooth matte finish, • Individually packaged in PVC pouch with hanging tab • Size: 165 x 56 x 3mm
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