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The Go-And-Tell Storybook (Paperback)

What happened after Jesus returned to heaven? Do we still need to share the Good News that Jesus is our Rescuer? The Go-and-Tell Storybook will take children aged 6-10 on a faith-filled adventure through 30 Bible stories that show how the Holy Spirit came after Jesus returned to heaven and how His disciples continued to tell others that Jesus came to rescue them. Children will experience the adventures of Peter, Paul and other believers from the Pentecost celebration through the Acts of the Apostles. These stories will keep your child amazed, engaged and inspired with: • a key Bible verse at the beginning of each story. • a conversation-starting question at the end of each story. • beautiful illustrations and intriguing maps. • learning opportunities for children to share the love of Jesus. Read the stories for a month as a daily family devotional or throughout the year.
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